Spiritual warfare victory through your testimony.

Spiritual warfare victory. 

Have you ever heard the song “there is power in the name of Jesus”.. what am I talking about of course you have heard that song !!! Well at least 95% of the people reading this have (If I had to guess.) The main verse of that song ,”There is power in the name of Jesus ” , is completely true! Just uttering the name Jesus while in times of deep distress will cause major waves in the spirit realm and calling out to Jesus brings yourself into a place of not only trusting, seeking and needing him , but inviting Jesus Christ into that moment. 

Have you ever wondered why when horrible things happen , moments of shock, fear, even extreme happiness , people often say things like ” oh my god” or “jesus” this is because our Lord is so powerful, us saying his name delivers power. It’s beautiful. Those moments where all we can say is “jesus” or we don’t know what else to say but “jesus” , the holy spirit will fill in all the blanks. The Holy Spirit will finish the prayer.

That’s powerful, but what else is powerful while you are fighting with the enemy for your spiritual destiny. 

Your testimony. Yes your own testimony is not only powerful for others but it is also powerful for yourself. And I am not just saying while you lived out your testimony , but actually thinking about and telling yourself your testimony and reflecting on it. Just like how hearing other believers testimonies about God working in their life can encourage you and increase your faith, your own testimony can work in the same way (maybe even more so.) Try this before you dismiss me like I am crazy. In your mind or outloud say your testimony,  as if you are telling it to someone you never met, maybe even someone you are trying to show how amazing Jesus is in your life. There is so much power in reminding yourself who Jesus is in your life, reminding you how he has provided for you, restored you, guided you, forgiven you, chose you, loved you, blessed you;;; and what a strong way of recalling all these events by your own voice.

I know you may be thinking..”ok.. that’s encouraging but what does this have to do with spiritual warfare” . Well I will answer that for you . 

There actually is a few ways your own testimony can help you during spiritual warfare. First, after you recall all those times God has walked with you through life, after all the sin he still forgave and did not forsake, all the blessings and times he got you through spiritual attacks, something changes in your mind. You now have more confidence and faith in the Lord,  in return this leads to your prayers and rebuking are backed by pure faith. Faith is powerful. Believing your God is strong enough to get you through this battle, believing this so much that you are already praising God in advance .. this is powerful and helps you stand firm in Christ.. and when you stand firm in Christ the devil flees. 

Next, what is a part of every Christians  testimony . The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for your sins. There is so much power in declaring this amazing act of love and that all the enemy’s assumptions are wrong , you are forgiven. Declare the work of God through the cross and resurrection during spiritual warfare.  When you confess this truth with your mouth , Satan is defeated and victory is yours.  


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