But why? .. finding the reason for everything 

Isn’t it so tempting to try and find the reason why every bad thing has happened in your life? Maybe I am a recovering addict because my dad was a alcoholic … yah a generational curse … or … maybe all this abuse happened to me because of Karma for something really bad I am going to do one day or have already done ( I know that this is not a Christian way of looking at it but let’s face it we all have been guilty of thinking like this)… or … I am under a spiritual attack. …. Now let me say that I do believe in generational curses and being under spiritual attack. I also believe with the power of Jesus, wearing the armor of God  and with a strong relationship with God, you can break any chain or stronghold, including a spiritual attack and/or curse.

But why is it that we always want to find out exactly why things are happening? In my case I think if I find out what caused the issue I may have a higher chance of fixing it. Moving on your way to the resolution to a problem is not a bad thing, unless you do it with out Christ in control. Most of the time while we move in the direction of fixing things we take the driver seat, where we take complete control of the situation, and push Jesus to the passenger side . While taking the control we lose sight of the fact we are on God’s time,  not our own. Nothing will get fixed until HE decides to fix it. Also when we take control of a situation if we find out that we are going through all this pain just to bring glory to our Heavenly Father and that we just have to stick it out because one day God will use our testimony to lead others to him , we deem that as not being acceptable in our eyes and brush it off like nope I think it’s a generational curse or let me just rebuke Satan and see if that works. 

Just like God uses all our choices and the Holy Spirit to make us more like Christ overtime , we often conform the bible and our prayers into what we want to hear by picking out what we want to hear and discarding the rest. In John 9:1-3 the disciples ask Jesus why the man was blind. They asked if it was caused by his sins or the sins of the generations before him. Jesus tells them that it was neither the man’s sins or the generations before him,  but the man was blind to bring the kingdom glory. While that man was blind all the days before the day Jesus healed him he probably wondered what caused his lack of sight, just like the disciples did. If he found out 5 years before Jesus came to him that one day he would be healed and all his suffering was to bring gods kingdom glory , do you think he would stop trying to get cured on his own accord? I will tell you this much it would he very hard to be patient in suffering and trust Jesus would one day heal him if the man had no relationship with Jesus, wasn’t studying the word and didn’t have Holy Spirit living inside him. 

I have noticed that I have been spending way to much time on the “why” and not the “now”. When I sat down and really thought about it I realized that it is OK to not know why you are suffering . Just like it is OK to not know why Jesus would die for all us sinners knowing that we did not deserve it. Sometimes we won’t find out why things are happening or why they happened but we just have to lay those things at God’s feet. We have to except that God is not giving us the “why” or “what will happen next” right now and not try and find another answer by things of this world. We have to live in the “now” .. praise God in advance for what ever plans he has for your suffering because all his plans are for your good! If this is hard for you that is OK. Tell God about it, ask him to help you trust him in the process and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you yield to the commands. There is so much you can find in confiding in God that you can’t find in the world, including indescribable and unfailing peace, love and joy . I pray for everyone reading this. I hope we all have the honor of bringing glory to the kingdom of God and we can trust him in the process.


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