Do nothing in the mid chaos? Um.

The world is in chaos as we speak. I do not even know a fraction of what is going on in the world, but what I do see is heart breaking. On top of the world being in a state of chaos, for most of us  (me included) our personal life is in a certian chaotic way as well. The media, school systems, friends, family and other influential parts of our life are telling us that the only way to make change is to do something …. to do anything… We are now almost programed to have a potentially harmful way of thinking when problems arise in our personal life. 

Here is an example, you are at home waiting for your husband to get off work and from the other room you over hear the news, there has been a major accident on the same highway your husband is supposed to be on. Just in case you decide you should call…. there was no answer, actually his phone was off completley! Your heart rate begins to race a little bit but still in your mind your thinking “I have to make sure before I panic” (i have to keep doing something …anything .. if want this situation or potential situation to change) .. Now you decide to walk into the living room and rewind a couple minutes to see if they have any sky cam views or describe the vehicles involved. There was no description but in the somewhat cloudy sky cam you see a car that could of been a black 4 door sedan … your husband drove your car today, A black 4 door sedan. Now it’s on , you can’t sit still and panic starts to set in. You start to call his phone back to back seeing if maybe it turned back on,  you try and turn on other stations to get a description of the cars involved and when you exhaust all options you are in full blown tears already putting your mind in the state of your husband being injured or worse.

This example shows how we can sometimes react when we are in certain situations. It might not be as intense as that example but I was just trying to show how when we want our situation to change we are programed to keep doing everything we can to change the situation. Nothing will change unless you change it right? 

How can this be harmful?  Well sometimes we can’t change all situations and the first thing we need to do before we hurry up and act is BE STILL. We need to be come to the Lord be still and lay everything at His feet. In my example the first thing you should of done is go into prayer for not only your husband but who ever was in the accident and ask the Lord for the next steps of action. I am not saying to stay still, unless the Lord tells you to. We are all trained to fret on our worry and to take matters into our own hands, when we should be leaving it in God’s hands. It is kind of hard when you think of how unnatural it feels to do some of the things the bible teaches us to do. We are children of God and called to go another path , a path that is against that flesh. It won’t feel natural but it will be worth it… 

If we think back to how the disciples handled being tossed around by waves in a little fishing boat, while Jesus was sleeping completley unaffected on the same ship. The disciples went into a panic, waking up Jesus (I am guessing most likely with a little anger in frustration, wondering why he could be sleeping while they are about to drown.) The disciples mind went first into “oh no we are going to drown, what can I  do to fix this” mode, instead of “oh no this storm is pretty bad, I know God will fix this”. Would Jesus still call them out on their lack of faith if they calmly went to wake Him up , asking Him to calm the storm ?

Let’s try to do the unnatural things and when you start to worry instead of going to your own mind and thinking what can I do to change this or entering a state of panic and then thinking, what can I do to change this? , go to the throne picture yourself laying everything including your panicked flesh at  the Lords feet ! 

Just a short little something that came to me while I was praying about my own chaos. I hope it encouraged you !


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