Who am I?

I am a mess , a sinner, a wife who sometimes doesn’t hold my tounge, a mom that screams when she steps on my 5 year olds Legos or debates with my 3 year old about how everything can not be pink, I am in recovery from opiates/alcohol and the life style that came with it , I have had betrayal, rape, physical abuse and health dilemmas… to sum it up I am no where near perfect (i mean just look at my grammar) , but I have a God who is beyond perfect and a holy spirit to guide me. Now here is a real day to day life of someone struggling with the battles of the mind, attacks from the enemy, fights with my flesh and just real issues of life… and with all that this is my journey growing my relationship with Jesus, yielding to the holy spirit, learning who I am in Christ and most of all Glorifying God in the process.


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