Addiction. Death. Trauma. Unfinished.

Unfinished but felt it needed to be posted.. talking about the attraction to addiction and brokenness you are left with after death and trauma .. And part of how you can cope


Before I was saved: childhood to teenage years

This started as how I want to be remembered and how it has changed as I grew and ended in a testimony of some of my struggles as a child, preteen and teenager .. I will write part 2 soon.

How Jesus uses Satan’s plans of destruction for the construction of your faith and joy! (And others as well)

A look into 2 Corinthians 4 … let your light shine on all the world’s darkness


Do nothing in the mid chaos? Um.

Yes I am being serious. Ending chaos starts with being still.


Being lost in translation

Is learning Biblical Greek, Hebrew and/or Aramaic worth it?


But why? .. finding the reason for everything 

Trusting God even with out knowing the “why” or “what happens next”


Leaving the matter in God’s hands

My struggles with fear and trust in the Lord concerning my abuser