Domestic Violence part 2.

Picking up the pieces from past abuse



Detailed description of when I left my ex. If you have been abused please read with caution because I kept this raw and real.

Are groups useful in recovery?

If you have ever been in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction with the help of medical professionals or AA, NA ,  HA;,  then you have felt the pressure and heard the advice of going to a certain amount of meetings within a certain period of time. Even while recovering from past trauma, grief, […]

Speaking in tounges?

I actually wrote this on my last blog with 5 or 6 entries.. I reread it and thought I should include it for you all to read because it includes alot about me. Let me start by being totally honest. I am struggling with speaking in tounges. It is really weighing on my heart. So I grew up […]